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More rewards of mentoring.

Friday was a good day.  My friends over at Fetchnotes always seem to brighten my day.  The team is smart, energetic, coachable and has great hustle.  I expect big things from them and this will be confirmed by news in a couple weeks.  After lunch I was walking down the sidewalk, on my way to the bank to wire Fetchnotes money (full disclosure, I am on their board and an investor) and I was talking on my phone.  I’m completely in my own world.  I heard “Wes.”  Not sure if someone actually called out my name, I turned around and there was this young man.  He looked familiar but I couldn’t place him (plus my mind was on my phone call of which the person is still on the line.)  He introduced himself and thanked me for a mentoring session a while back.  He said he took my feedback, worked on his idea and he got a funded company interested and is working for them, developing his technology.  I asked him to email me so we could catch up later.

There is nothing more flattering than being stopped on the street and thanked for mentoring.

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