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Fetchnotes participates in TechStars Boston

FetchnotesI am proud of Fetchnotes. They are participating in the highly selective TechStars Boston accelerator program. They will develop great connections and learn a lot. TechStars

First, Fetchnotes is a good idea. We all have thoughts or notes we want to jot down…Todo items, blog ideas, grocery lists, urls, books we want to read, etc. I used to use notes in my iPhone, email myself, or make paper lists.  Fetchnotes has stepped in and made this simple, really simple.  If I need shampoo it is simple, I create a new item and type “Shampoo”.  I can organize by adding tags.  Maybe I get my shampoo at Target so I tag shampoo with #Target and #todo and any other tags that organize my life. Simple right?  Now here is the cherry on top.  It just so happens that my wife, Amanda, is the one who usually visits Target. Since we are linked (which in typical Fetchnotes fashion is simple to do) I can add it to her Fetchnotes too by adding @Amanda.  

Shampoo #Target #todo @Amanda” …Simple and powerful. Shampoo is now on both of our lists.  A few weeks ago I was at Lowe’s getting some items and instead of calling me she just added it to my #Lowes list. Bam, it shows up on Fetchnotes and I bought it. It is just as a powerful tool for teams or organizing your list of great craft brew you want to try.

If you don’t use it, you should. 

I like the company but I’m a big fan of co-founders Alex and Chase, they are the right combination of hustler and hacker.  They are coachable and thirsty to learn.  I enjoy working with them and watching them grow.  When they asked me to join their board I was flattered and promptly accepted.  I think I caught Chase off guard when I said “yes” so quickly, but I had been watching them for a year.  

They are a product of the Ann Arbor/U-M ecosystem and benefited greatly from the TechArb and the Law School’s Entrepreneurship Clinic.  I will write about the ecosystem at another time.

Needless to say I am proud of the whole Fetchnotes team.

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